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Are you an artist looking to sell your beautiful handmade items? Alway heard of Etsy but have no idea where to start? Want to concentrate on your art and leave the hours of setup to the experts?

The full Etsy package service is your one-stop-shop to set the foundation of your new eCommerce store. We know from first-hand experience that setting up your first eCommerce store can come with a lot of questions, headaches, and confusion. 


Avoid the nitty-gritty and leave it to the professionals!


Set the foundation of your whole shop with peace of mind that the framework is being set up the right way. Liora Goren, Etsy expert, and consultant together with Sarah Packer, social media guru, will make sure your online store is not only constructed properly but is organized and optimized to ensure it will reach its full potential.


What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace for artists and handmade goods. It is the best place to sell your goods because it connects potential buyers with sellers while also offering integrated shopping credit card processing.


Pinterest business profile

Pinterest is the perfect place to market visual items. Pinterest is unique because it is a visual search engine and NOT a social media platform. It is ideal for getting organic traffic to your shop. Setting up a Pinterest account in association with your Etsy store is crucial for its success. 


Full Instagram setup

Instagram is a powerful social media platform that garners millions of active users each month. This platform will become an important place for you to interact with your potential and current customers while showcasing your brand.


The importance of a blog?

Additional (but beneficial) content as well as a source to drive traffic to your Etsy shop and an additional avenue to interact with your customers.


What does the Premium Framework Service include?

It includes two meetings with Liora and Sarah to explain the ins-and-outs of your new Etsy shop and marketing platforms. Each meeting will be a maximum of 3-hours each. Liora and Sarah will also be available for phone calls and WhatsApp for quick questions. After this first month and meetings have concluded, additional fees will apply.


What Does It Include?


Full Etsy store set up with the right SEO, full descriptions, and on target tags. A full social media and marketing setup your shop up and running ASAP.


Two-month process. The first month is store setup, and the second month is social media setup and overall management.



✓Full setup of 50 listings, including descriptions, tags, shipping profiles, product pictures


✓About section - 5 pictures and *video

✓Profile section

✓Link to all social media accounts

✓Integrate with social media accounts

✓Apply renewing strategy 

✓Shipping profile

✓Shop updates

✓Appropriate Tags for each listing


✓Store policy 

✓Automatic replies - specific for certain questions

✓Overall setup of the shop


✓Ad management for one month


✓5-10 boards (3 of you brown boards 2 of others - 7 of yours 3 of others)

✓10 pins per board 

✓Pin Design

✓SEO rich pin description


✓Keyword List

✓SEO rich bio and about section



✓15 posts with descriptions and hashtags

✓5 posts with shoppable links

✓Hashtag Research

✓Profile Pic

✓Unique Hashtag

✓About section

✓Set up Shop on Instagram with a full catalog of your shop



✓Banner and Profile Creation

✓15 posts with shoppable links to your Etsy store (same as Instagram)

✓About section filled out

✓Set up Facebook Store with a full catalog with all your products



Includes 3 blog posts about your products. 



We work with professional photos only. If you need photos professionally done we can provide this service. We can direct you to some photographers that we work with once we have begun. 


So, is this service right for you?


If you are someone who already has products, a target audience, and an overall direction for their ideal store, we are here to make your dream a reality!

WhatsApp Us For More Details:

Sarah - 058-406-4928

Liora - 052-220-9122

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