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Zazzle, based in Reno, Nevada, USA, offers wide product inventory, giving it a versatile platform for both customers and sellers. They are mostly known for having products for every events or holidays - they have cards, apparel, and even personalized gifts. The platform's location within the United States makes it more accessible for local clients. Based on our experience, Zazzle has great customer service, with company's dedication to resolving concerns quickly. The good feedback emphasizes Zazzle's client-centric approach, which is visible in their attempts to address issues and assure customer satisfaction.

While the platform has a large selection of items, it falls short in terms of third-party integration. You cannot effectively integrate with third-party platforms, which limits your ability to manage items across many channels. And regarding our experience, we would say that their design and upload process is tedious and unfriendly. Another disadvantage is that the box is not customizable, appearing blank with the Zazzle logo, potentially resulting in missed opportunities for brand visibility.

We also looked at their reviews. Some users express concern that the platform became saturated, resulting in increasing competition. Furthermore, same with our experience, there are also criticisms that the design/upload procedure is substandard, which detracts from the user experience. 

To summarize, Zazzle impresses with its diverse product offering and customer-centric approach. However, the lack of third-party interaction, a subpar design/upload procedure, and generic packaging may be disadvantages for some users. As the platform faces increased competition, potential sellers should consider these drawbacks against Zazzle's advantages before selecting it as their preferred Print-On-Demand provider.

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