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A Print-on-Demand dropshipping company headquartered in China, we found their extensive product range impressive, covering everything from print goods to clothing and accessories. However, despite their diverse offerings, my experience revealed inconsistencies in quality, including thin fabrics and occasional printing errors, echoing some of the concerns raised by other buyers.

Looking around their website, it's simple and well-organized. But sometimes, when we search for a product, it doesn't appear right away or says "not available," even if we can see it in their categories. And as small business owners, we would love to personalize the item by adding our designs or creating something especially for our company. However, they do not provide customisation. The "beta" version, which is limited to sellers with Shopify sites, is essentially a test version of this functionality. which is a major pain if you have other stores, like Etsy or Woocommerce, where they integrate.

It wouldn't be a problem if you were eager to experiment and give this a try. However, even though the pricing of the products is reasonable, I personally wouldn't advise using this platform. Because of the numerous unfavorable evaluations (2.3 rating on Trustpilot) about the caliber of their manufacture and merchandis. We wouldn't take such a risk because it would result in headaches and a damaged reputation down the road. But if ever you give this a try, let us know your experience!

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