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Your Print House

Your Print House, a supposedly POD based in Latvia is offering items such as phone cases and a shirt. As I’m looking through their website, it’s clean, however feels uncomplete as they only shows 6 products; 5 phone cases and a shirt. they are also not registered with the trusted review platforms. Additionally, as I take a look at one of their products, it needs me to sign up. While signing up it says “We will contact you with more specific info, pricing, business model and our offer in general” which is fishy. The information about their services and products should be transparent to everyone without committing any sign ups.

I advise that you steer clear from this POD for the meantime, and only partner with POD that are transparents on their businesses. For now, let’s keep this open up until (if ever) they provide more information about their services.

Phone cases

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