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Threadless, a T-shirt-focused platform established in Chicago. Like any other POD platform, they have a great assortment of products, such as notebooks, backpacks, shoes, phone cases, and more. The main advantage of their products is that they already have designs on them; all you have to do is pick which design to use on their incredible array of items. Let's evaluate the items' quality and it's not looking good.

Upon closer examination, the shirts have a weak print and microcracks. It's annoying that even if you select a strikingly colorful design, the natural quality of the colors will be underemphasized. But before you draw any judgments, let's take a broad look at the situation in the paragraphs that follow.

Visiting their website provides a delightful experience with a range of creatively designed products. They obviously give their artists total freedom to express themselves creatively. Having said that, they do not allow personalization since they are using their artists' artwork. Within two to five working days, the shipment will be processed internally; the shipping process will take around 10 days. If you value exhibiting your brand through your items and a few additional items, this might not be for you. Their current lack of branding and packaging is a major concern for us entrepreneurs who wish to build our businesses.

Let's talk about their costs. Their t-shirts were $22.95, but every now and then they would have a deal where they would discount roughly 30%. Their pricing are more than other PODs, which makes sense considering that their products already have designs on them. If you're still arguing the benefits and drawbacks of this POD, let's talk about the reviews on Trustpilot. Although it has a 4.0 rating, which is good, there are conflicting evaluations from both artists and buyers. Many artists voiced their displeasure with their lack of transparency and the length of time it took to receive comments on their works. While some sellers were happy, others weren't. Their prints weren't very good, in my opinion. Thus, I would advise you to keep an eye out for alternative POD platforms.

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