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A T-shirt company from Chicago, Threadless, has become an e-commerce platform that caters to artists and entrepreneurs. Just like any other POD platform, they offer a great range of products such as phone cases, shoes, bags, notebooks, etc. However, their main feature is that all of their products already have a design, and it’s only up to you which design you’d like to put on their great array of products. Let’s determine their quality of items, and it’s not…looking good. Buyers have been mentioning their disappointment on the print on the item. Looking closely at the shirts, it has micro cracks - not having a solid print. It also has a grungy look of colors, not being able to give justice if ever you chose a creatively colorful design, which is disappointing. However, don’t judge too quickly, let’s see the overall picture in the next paragraphs.

Taking a stroll on their website, it’s a nice browse with creatively different offerings on their designs. It’s a must to say that they allow their artists to speak their creative mind freely. And with that being said, they don’t allow customization options since they are using their artists' art works. For their processing time, it’s justified that they process it within 2-5 business days internally, and shipping would take around 4-10 business days. If you value presenting your brand through your products and with some add-ons, this might not be for you. As of now, they don’t offer branding and packaging which is significantly important for us, entrepreneurs, that wants to build our brand.

Let’s talk about their pricing. Their tees started at $22.95, however, they sometimes held a sale that would lessen around 30% off. Comparing it to other POD, they are on the expensive side, which can be understandable since they offer their products with a design already. If ever you’re still weighing in the pros and cons of this POD, let’s chime in the reviews of Trustpilot. It has a great rating from it, with a 4.0 rating and the reviews are mixed from the artist and buyers. Some artists were complaining about their lack of transparency and long wait for feedback to their designs. Sellers, some were happy, some were disappointed. Happy reviewers say that the print is great and still have vibrant colors after plenty of washes, on the other hand, disappointed buyers say that the quality has lowered significantly.


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