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ThisNew, is a POD platform located in China and is a one-stop service from production to printing. They are fairly new to the industry, and have been established just this 2020. Their products are fairly competitive, and have all the basics to what you need. Additionally, what we found interesting is that they also offer unique products that we haven’t seen in other POD platforms such as: DIY crafts, holiday-theme ornaments, really unique design for clothing and also traditional clothing which is the Kimono. As exciting as these items might sound, we unfortunately encounter defects on their products. Which are bad quality prints, misprinted products, etc. We'll tackle more about this later on.

Their factories are located in North America and East Asia, so their shipping time is highly dependent on numerous factors. In terms of production, they do have an estimate of 1-3 business days, which is fair and almost the same with other POD platforms. For their customization, they are pretty flexible about it. You can easily insert your design to their products (which are some AOP - All Over Print) through using their design tool, but you also have the option to just use their template. Branding, on the other hand, is not that competent since they just allow you to put your logo on the product, but not in the packaging. They just have white label packaging.

Let’s talk about their pricing. They have competitive prices, considering that their custom AOP shirt is priced around $10.99. But is it worth it? Their rating on TrustPilot is 3.6. Which you might consider fair, or average. But most of the reviews from the users are strongly encouraging the readers to not use the platform. We have also noticed that their Customer Support wasn’t very helpful, shipments were very delayed, and doesn’t really own up to the mistakes of their prints or products. Experiencing this, is already raising the red flags, and I assure you that you don’t want these headaches for your store. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try.

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