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Teemill shines as a Print on Demand platform, focusing on t-shirts but also offering mugs and tote bags. Its defining trait based on their website is it focuses on commitment to sustainability. They have mentioned that their products and their overall production uses organic materials and renewable resources. Having this as their defining position, separates them in an industry where POD is always, almost criticized for its environmental impact.

If we look at the quality of their products, it's a little disappointing. The shipments were delayed compared to what was expected, and the printing of art on the shirts was noticeable due to the color discrepancy between the print and the reference. This has a negative impact on my user experience, which may also influence yours. One of the platform's drawbacks is the lack or limited selection of products; their product offerings are rather restricted. You can only access further products once you've subscribe to Teemill's premium package. Furthermore, the lack of branded packaging limits the potential for product personalization.

In a nutshell, Teemill stands out for its eco-friendly approach, diverse products, and user-friendly website. However, it faces challenges with limited product choices, brand control, and issues like poor customer service and product quality.

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