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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 4.6 מתוך 5
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TPOP is a POD provider based in France, which has built its niche by focusing on prints for various products available in the market with majorly trendy T-shirts for men and women as their ground of specialization. Supplementing their line of clothing, TPOP adds products from Home and Deco as well from Accessories. TPOP has attracted attention from reviewers, with a prominent score of 4.6 based on 315 reviews at Trustpilot within the POD industry.

TPOP adds something significant to the table; it has established a reputation for having well-curated products, particularly in the category of conventional but contemporary T-shirts. The platform's strategic concentration on clothes provides a wide choice of items tailored for both men and women. You may also profit from the lack of initial investment requirements, which allow you to try out the platform without incurring any financial responsibilities. On the other hand, in addition to its free plan, TPOP has two premium choices. The private or branded packaging function is available on both paid subscriptions, allowing you to create a unique brand identity.

Meanwhile, TPOP includes inserts that empower businesses to include considerate gifts or complimentary items for customers, enhancing the overall customer experience. Although these strengths may be quite evident, we have faced challenges when navigating and using the platform. Publishing a product is quite difficult because an error message constantly appears. Additionally, the manual selection of mail carriers for each delivery profile is quite a tedious task. 

Overvall, TPOP is a POD provider from France with an emphasis on fashionable T-shirts and a caring attitude toward the environment. Although it provides various customization functionalities and positive customer reviews, usability issues could be addressed to improve the user experience on the platform in addition to this.

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