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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 3.1 מתוך 5

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ShineOn is an e-commerce platform that allows you to personalize products and sell to your customers. They primarily focus on jewelries and accessories in which you can put a personalized message. It’s not just that, they also offer a basic line of products such as home decor, notebooks etc. Looking through their website they have such fun and creative vibes but let’s see if it’ll reflect through their quality of items. According to the reviews, they have great quality of items, however, there are also instances where they fell short in putting “personalized messages” failing to deliver the message to the receiver.

For the printing methods, there wasn’t any indication of how they print to product but usually POD companies make use of digital way of printing. ShineOn also boasts about their easy “customization tool” in which you’ll just upload your artwork and it’ll quickly preview the product. They also promote it more on their accessory line in which you can have messages inside the accessory. For their fulfillment time, it would highly vary in which country the product would be sent, but there wasn’t specification on their end on how much production time it would take. For the integration, they only integrate with Shopify, and with their premium subscription they also allow integration with Amazon and Etsy.

Now let’s go ahead with their pricing. Their pricing is competitive, and it’s great that they are showing two prices, the actual price and also the price that you could sell it for. They sometimes offer discounts which lets you have more profit for the product. Based on the reviews, which they are able to earn 3.1 rating, they to deliver the great service the customer needs, and the customer support are also helpful when crises arise. However, there are still instances where unexpected issues happen such as with the personalization messages and delayed shipments. I must say, this is worth a try especially if you’re in the accessories industry. Let us know your experience!


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