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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 3.1 מתוך 5
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ShineOn is an e-commerce platform that lets you personalize and sell things to your customers. They specialize in jewelry and accessories that can be personalized with a message. Not only that, but they also provide a basic line of things like home decor and notebooks. Looking over their website, they offer such fun and creative vibes, but we'll see if that translates to the quality of their products. After examining their services and products, they have high-quality merchandise; nonetheless, there have been cases where they failed to convey "personalized messages" to the intended receiver.

There was no mention of the printing processes used to produce the product, although POD businesses typically employ digital printing. ShineOn also takes pride in their simple "customization tool," which allows you to immediately see the product by simply uploading your artwork. Additionally, they make more of an effort to promote it through their accessory line, which contains messages. They didn't specify how long it would take to produce the product, hence their fulfillment time varied greatly depending on the country to which it was shipped. They only integrate with Shopify for now, but with their premium subscription, they also enable integration with Etsy and Amazon.

Let's move on to their price now. Their prices are competitive, and it's excellent that they display both the asking price and the price at which you may sell it. Occasionally, they provide discounts that increase your profit margin on the item. Based on evaluations, they have received a 3.1 rating, indicating that they are able to provide excellent customer service and are also helpful in times of crisis. Still, there are times when unanticipated problems occur, including delayed shipments and personalized messages. We have to admit, if you work in the accessory market, this is definitely something you should attempt. 

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