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As a platform for 3D printing POD services, Shapeways is perfect if you mostly have 3D-centric niches. It is located in USA and is one of the leading companies in the field with a broad spectrum of manufacturing technologies and wide variety of services. While its 2.4-star rating from 160 reviewers is still significant, Shapeways continues to play an important role in the world of 3D printing.

With its headquarters in the USA, Shapeways is a leading provider of 3D printing and Print on Demand services, with a focus on 3D-related markets. It serves a variety of industries, including medical, consumer, robotics, architecture, aerospace, gaming, drones, education, and jewelry, with a broad spectrum of production technologies and services. Shapeways provides easy e-commerce connectivity and user-friendly website navigation, with over 90 materials available in its portfolio.

Shapeways goes above and beyond the standard by offering a range of 3D printing tools that enable you to customize your products to meet your specific needs. But we also need to take into account the failures we have encountered. From the caliber of the product to their services, we found the quality of the service to be variable. Additionally, even though Shapeways provides excellent services, some of them are somewhat pricey, especially for people with limited funds. Compare these attributes to the price and any reported inconsistencies to determine which choice best meets your needs.

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