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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 2.4 מתוך 5

Sellfy, founded in Riga, Latvia has 2.4 rating from nine review and is a platform that caters to all sorts of needs when it comes to digital and physical product sales. The Unique Selling Points of Sellfy is that it provides an opportunity to sell digital products, physical goods and POD merchandise. They have a wide variety of products such as shirts, mugs, hats etc. The platform has a number of crucial features like Products, Customers, Orders Marketing, Apps and Store Settings which allow users to effectively run their online store.

Although a range of products is available from Sellfy, it lacks website customization options. Users are not able to personalize their sites too much unlike modern website builder platforms. But this simplicity allows a smooth work of the platform, which is quicker and easier to use. That said, Sellfy’s integration is limited to only six options, which may be an issue for power users who need a broader variety of third-party connections. Although this restriction is essential, Sellfy appeals to individuals who are more interested in simplicity and a minimalistic approach of selling all kinds of products online.

Overall, with a 2.4 rating, Sellfy bills itself as an all-rounded site useful for selling both digital and physical products including POD merchandise. Compared to some of its alternatives it may seem limited in customizations and integrations, but due to its simplicity, diverse product offerings etc users will find it convenient for e-commerce.

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