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With locations in the US and the Netherlands, Prodigi, a Print-On-Demand (POD) service headquartered in the UK, keeps an international presence. Prodigi is a wall art specialist with over 500,000 items in its product inventory, which includes print posters, gallery boards, sticker magnets, and tattoo releases. The ability to add your own photos, graphics, or images to each product makes the site unique. Beyond conventional wall painting, Prodigi offers an intriguing selection of temporary tattoos.

You can order popular product sample packs for $1 each, one for each customer. Customizing the vast selection is easier and more comfortable thanks to the platform's user-friendly design. We also want to talk about how prices should be transparent. This is an important part since more understandable and transparent pricing information is needed. Furthermore, branding is significant, so adding a logo on packaging could enhance the customer experience even more. There is also a need for change in the area of customers seeking lower shipping rates due to the perceived high cost of delivery.

In summary, Prodigi is a viable startup choice, particularly for individuals who are less concerned with branded packaging. If you want to bring your work to life through prints, Prodigi is an amazing platform to experiment and build on.

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