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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 2.8 מתוך 5

Printy6 – a China-based POD for Shopify users has earned a rating of 2.5 from 13 reviews received. It specializes in clothes, accessories and home furnishing thereby giving a wide variety of products. Despite a rather small reviews, Printy6 is still a viable choice for consumers who are looking for cheaper and more diverse print-on-demand services. 

Printy6 takes advantage of the fact that Chinese manufacturing processes are extremely cost-effective leading to very low prices. It has a user-friendly interface that is quite simple for users to establish their business operations who are already familiar with the print-on-demand services. The relatively quick turnaround at Printy6 is a competitive average production time of three to five working days. If you are primarily interested in affordability and a wide variety of products, Printy6 is an excellent option, particularly for users who don’t mind having a simplistic print-on-demand setup.

Although Printy6 provides a wide range of goods, it does not provide branding services for orders. This limitation may influence individuals who want to acquire their unique brand identity via packaging or other kinds of branding features. But for convenience-focused shoppers, this disadvantage may be trivial.

In conclusion, though with a 2.5 rating, Printy6 represents an attractive alternative to obtain cost-effective print-on-demand services across the wide variety of products offered by this service provider. The ease of use and short production time make it available as an option if you are looking for cost-effectiveness and variety in their print-on demand projects.

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