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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 4.4 מתוך 5
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Pixels is a POD platform based in Santa Monica, California, that has been operating since 2006. The website aims to bring together artists and art purchasers. They provide a wide choice of products upon which you, the artist, can upload your designs. They include wall art, home décor, clothing, and other printed items. You may also customize their products or simply browse their independent artist creations. When discussing their products, it is also important to comprehend the qualities they provide. Based on our experience, they definitely pass the standards. I commend their high quality of products, prompt customer service and on time shipping.

They provide a user-friendly design interface for uploading designs to various items, with a guaranteed production period of 3-4 business days once orders are accepted. However, the lack of packaging and branding alternatives might be disappointing to e-commerce business owners. Nonetheless, the products are white-labeled, maintaining a consistent experience for customers. While integration is limited to Shopify and WordPress, their website-building software is easily customizable to match your branding.

Let's talk about their pricing. When compared to the majority other POD platforms, Pixels is on the expensive side, since their standard price for a customized shirt is around $23 and the designed T-shirt is $24.99. This low price difference suggests that they meant for you to purchase T-shirts with designs to support their artists. Overall, they scored a 4.4 rating, which is really impressive, and based on the feedback, customers are very pleased with their services and would definitely purchase from them.

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