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Pillow Profits

הדירוג הממוצא הוא 3 מתוך 5

Pillow Profits currently gets a 3-star rating as a POD provider after only six total reviews. While it is known for the range of shoes, this platform further extends its product line to cover clothing items, bags, interior décor and car parts. All products from Pillow Profits are shipped from Eastern Asia, making it a key factor for you to consider.

Pillow Profits operates on a subscription model, charging a monthly fee of $29.99. The platform is more popular for its range of shoes, catering to various styles and preferences. Moving on to the customer service support, the only way that you can seek assistance is by contacting them via an email. We also like to point out about the usability of Pillow Profits website and we can describe it as "All over the place" and not particularly beginner-friendly. Additionally, the platform's fulfillment services are exclusively available for Shopify stores, potentially limiting its accessibility if you have shops on other eCommerce platforms.

The reviews posted on the Trustpilot can show that there are issues with customer experience including inadequate receipt of items, poor quality customer service and overall negative experience. Consequently, the lack of a profile reported on Trustpilot can be referred to as a weakness that can undermine the credibility of the provider.

All in all, the company has been provided with a three-star rating because of the limited number of reviewed features and offers a variety of shoes to its customers. However, a difficult to use website, limited avenues for customer support and negative feedbacks on Trustpilot show that there are more opportunities available. The issues addressed here, in particular, related to the website interface and customer support can contribute to better user enjoyment which may well increase this site’s score.

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