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Pictorem, based in Montreal, Canada, is a specialist print-on-demand marketplace for wall art. They began their adventure in 2014 and have continued to improve their services ever since. What we enjoy about them is that they only print wall art in the various forms you choose. They provide a wide assortment of products that include styles, shapes, and artists, and you can also sell your artwork here. Regarding quality, we must say that it's very impressive because the prints are high-quality! We even noticed that the image is much more defined and sharp than the image we gave.

They use far more advanced printing procedures. It varies greatly depending on the format and style you choose. One thing to note is that they evaluate the photo first before printing, allowing them to make small changes to your submitted photo. If the photograph requires extensive optimization, they will contact you. Next, they offer customization options, which are rather simple. Simply submit your photo and you'll see a prototype of your wall art. Feel free to alter it with other styles, sizes, formats, and so on. You might be wondering, how about their shipment? They have indicated that they have lead times for production of 4-10 days.

As an artist, I recognize the necessity of branding and selling your items. So it's critical to emphasize the "branding" and "packaging" of the products that will be transported. And you don't have to worry about it because they're also providing to add your identification logo and allow packing slips for authenticity certificates. Pictorem also received 3.5 ratings from Trustpilot, with consumers leaving very excellent evaluations. Overall, Pictorem appears to be a worthwhile investment that might significantly benefit your printing e-commerce business. 

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