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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 3.4 מתוך 5
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Ownprint a Print-On-Demand (POD) jewelry supplier and order fulfillment company from Netherlands has garnered attention with a 3.4-star rating from 9 reviewers. As a versatile solution for global customers, ownprint specializes in jewelry and accessories with the promise of short delivery times within 1-3 days and worldwide shipping within 1 –6 days. While the company focuses on its ability to supply different segments of the jewelry market such as baby, mother’s and father’s day, pets, and horoscope niches, let us consider feedbacks written by customers to understand their performance.

One of Ownprint’s strengths is its focus on order fulfillment efficiency which helps to make the whole process smooth and easy for you. The fast order processing guarantees that you can get your products in advance. In addition, Ownprint provides an opportunity for branded packaging making it more personal. This characteristic provides owners like you an opportunity to highlight your distinctive brand personality by packaging your jewelry and accessories products, thus improving the overall customer perception. Also, the company has received a lot of positive reviews from Trustpilot with happy customers pointing out that they were satisfied with the services. But it’s important to note that some criticism has emerged, especially related to the late processing of orders for shipment and doubts about service effectiveness. These critiques reveal aspects that should be considered when improving the operational performance of Ownprint and customer support. 

In conclusion, Ownprint portrays itself as a potential provider of POD jewelry with features that include efficient order fulfillment and design customization. When deciding on using Ownprint, you should compare the positive recommendations with the stated problems to make a judgment call based on their unique business necessities and expectations. As with any type of service, there is room for improvement, and potential users should make informed decisions when choosing a print-on-demand website.

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