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My Secret Factory

My Secret Factory, a POD platform that integrates Hebrew and English language, is based in China. Looking at their offerings, they have various products to choose from and also interesting items that I haven’t seen in different POD such as; weighted blanket, sensory body home, really unique holiday clothing. They also have these private collections where you need to input a code, where to get the code is a question as well since there’s no provided information on that part. It’s also important to know about the quality of their offerings, unfortunately, there wasn’t any review for their services on trusted review platforms.

I’ve also taken a look at different features that they might also offer, but as I’m researching on their platform there wasn’t really any provided information on these areas. This is just the information I’ve gathered, their manufacturing item is processed around 3-5 business days and you can expect that the shipping time is 7-14 days. For their customization tool, you can customize the shirt through uploading your photo, but it doesn’t show any mockup or how the design would look like on the shirt.

It looks like the My Secret Factory, is in its early stages and it’s yet to be known its offering features, a secret factory indeed. It’s best if we leave this review unrated and uncompleted and I advise you to steer clear until we’re able to get the information that we needed. This is also applicable for the other POD platforms! It’s a must to know all the information about a POD, their specific features, offerings, shipping time etc. because these are your foundation to your business. Without these, your business wouldn’t be able to achieve the success that you’ve set for it. That’s it! Feel free to browse other POD platform reviews until we’re able to get information from MSF and create a reliable review.

Kids and Baby

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