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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 3.8 מתוך 5
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My Design List

MyDesignList distinguishes itself by focusing on personalized goods such as jewelry, shoes, phone covers, toys, and games, all of which are customizable. However, our assessment identifies some areas in which the platform may improve. Product quality that does not match descriptions, occasional non-receipt of transactions, and longer delivery delays all point to areas where their operating processes should be improved.

Furthermore, we have observed that several areas of the website are essentially just text about categories, which may detract from the overall aesthetic appeal and user experience of the site. It is also apparent that the website lacks a unified color scheme, which overwhelms users such as yourself with its overall design. Additionally, there are problems with navigation, particularly for those who are new to the site because there aren't many tutorials available when you first join up, which makes it difficult for users to become acquainted with it.

In summary, My Design List has encountered difficulties with its overall user experience due to its emphasis on custom-made products. The platform's 3.5 rating indicates a number of problems, such as inconsistent product quality, delayed shipping, and challenging website navigation. Resolving issues with website style and design as well as offering thorough lessons may greatly improve your experience and maybe raise the platform's rating

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