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MWW On Demand

Manual Wood Workers, also known as MWW on Demand, is a Western North Carolina-based company that specializes in gift and decorative accessories. Despite their extensive history in the sector, they only provide a restricted number of products, totaling 70. These fall within the areas of wall decor, clothes, household products, and accessories. We also wanted to discover about the quality of the things they offer; as based from our experience, we are disappointed with their customer support since they weren't able to help us with our concerns.

If we talk about their printing procedures, they mention that they use reactive printing. Reactive printing involves pre-printing the fabric by washing and treating it with chemicals to allow it to easily absorb the print. The next step is to customize. They also offer customization, which allows you to easily upload your designs and preview the goods with your design. This is ideal if you want to personalize your brand using your artistic talents. In terms of production, it takes an average of 5 business days to ship your merchandise. However, for packing, they only provide a white label with the address that you have provided. They simply offer branding services onto large-scale business that have an annual revenue of $1m.

Now, let's talk about their pricing; they're fairly competitive. For starters, Gildan Tshirts start at $6.59, which can provide you with a significant profit margin for your products. If we're talking about overall customer experience from different users, they don't have that strong reviews from diverse people. As a result, it is difficult to determine how well their business is doing for other users. However, from our end, our experience with their customer service leaves us a bitter taste. 

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