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Kin Custom

Kin Custom, a US-based Print-On-Demand (POD) service with a 3.7 rating from 86 reviews, has manufacturing facilities in China. Kin Custom focuses on merchandising with a wide range of products across several product categories, such as shoes and household goods, and provides its consumers with a variety of customization possibilities.

The platform's product categories include packing slips, polybags, sewn-in labels, shoe tongues, shoe insoles, hangtags, and accessory holders, giving you a wide range of customizable options for your products. Kin Custom's custom branding costs $1.99 per product, allowing you to easily build your brand image. The website is tidy and seamless, providing a great user experience. Kin Custom also provides various customisation possibilities, such as UV printing and Direct-to-Garment printing, which allow you to create your own unique items.

However, Kin Custom has a few limitations. You must have your designs ready because the site does not provide design alternatives or services. Furthermore, there have been complaints regarding the return policy, which does not address sizing difficulties. Once placed, the order cannot be revoked, adding to its rigidity. Furthermore, Kin Custom has limited white-label capacity, which limits the ability to create more intricate branding. 

In general, Kin Custom offers a variety of customisable items with an easy-to-use website interface and several branding possibilities. Nonetheless, the platform has significant drawbacks, including a lack of design services, restrictions on purchase cancellation, and an inadequate return policy for sizing difficulties. It may address these concerns to improve overall customer satisfaction and hence raise its score.

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