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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 2.9 מתוך 5

JetPrint, a print on demand platform headquartered in China, positions itself as a go-to for personalized gifts. Although Trustpilot rates it as a modest with 2.9 stars, it's crucial to delve into their performance as a dropshipping provider.

JetPrint has a wide range of products, including the usual t-shirts, mugs, shoes and home decorations to a standout feature such as personalized items. This includes a special range consisting of pet supplies, jewelry, woodwork and photo gifts with various occasions. Interestingly, the site navigation exposes a simple and streamlined design that is beginner-oriented to help those who are starting with print on demand face no difficulties. In particular, they do not have a minimum order quantity from which entrepreneurs can determine the quality of products without obligation.

But some essential limitations should be taken into consideration. Unfortunately, the customization tool comes up short as it does not provide a dependable functionality for visualizing designs. Further, for those prioritizing branded packaging, JetPrint may not be the most appropriate option, as they are yet to offer this feature. While Jetprint and CJ Dropshipping share similar features, product offerings, and Chinese origins, Jetprint stands out in terms of ease of use and organizational structure.

Digging through customer reviews shows an unsatisfactory score of 2.9, complaints focusing on extended lead times and sometimes wrong delivered orders. This feedback highlights the need for a comprehensive assessment before considering JetPrint as your print service provider. With its flaws, the organized simplicity and wide range of product makes it one good competitor to consider with the caution of addressing potential fulfillment concerns.

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