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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 4.8 מתוך 5

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The platform also allows for private or branded packaging, enabling you to showcase your distinct brand identity. However, the level of customization may pose challenges for beginners, as highlighted in some reviews citing potential complexity. Additionally, some reviewers have reported issues such as misprints, late orders, software glitches, and communication gaps regarding stock issues, indicating areas for improvement. Despite these challenges, Gelato remains a highly rated and versatile POD provider, particularly praised for its responsive customer support and commitment to sustainability.

One of the rising Print-On-Demand (POD) platform, Gelato is highly praised by 1047 reviewers with a rating of 4.8 stars on Trustpilot. Wall art is Gelato’s specialty and it's products include posters, framed posters, canvases acrylics, aluminum prints wood prints magazines calendars cards. The UK-based platform has a worldwide distribution network through partnerships with over 130 printing houses in Europe and other countries. Gelato's commitment is commendable as the customer satisfaction is evident in its automatic routing of orders, eco-friendly sustainability initiatives, and an intuitive website coupled with a user-friendly design editor.

Gelato's versatility shines through its extensive product categories, catering to diverse consumer preferences in wall art and beyond. The platform stands out with an easy-to-use interface, making navigation and design customization a seamless experience for users. In particular, Gelato has eliminated the hurdle of mininum order requirement (MOQ) and provided you a choice to order based on your needs. Reviews highlight Gelato’s user-ready service, with one client describing it as straightforward and saying that their support team is fast and highly recommended.


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