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DropShipCN, a Chinese POD platform, is expanding its presence in the POD business. It offers a large choice of products, including over 800 different product designs, all of which are labeled as "AOP" or All Over Print, allowing you to print your design all over the product. In terms of product quality, we personally tried the platform, and we must say that the qualities were good both the print and the fabric. Considering the price, this platform is attractive for e-commerce business owners. However, let us look at an overview of this POD.

They stated that their printing procedures are digitally created, thus the design of the shirt on preview may differ from the finished product. You can also personalize the products using their design tool. You may simply upload your product, examine the preview, and add any elements you wish. It's very basic, and they have a terrific responsive UI design, so it won't take you long to get the hang of it. What's impressive is that they provide free worldwide shipping, and if you need it right away, you can change your shipping option to Fedex priority for an additional cost.

It's also crucial to discuss packaging and branding, and fortunately, they give the option of adding your company logo on an item if necessary. It could be a clothes label, a hang tag, or a dust bag. They also have an excellent branding proposition because they provide a subscription service. There wasn't much information regarding the subscription, but the price varies on how long you subscribe for. They currently offer integrations with Amazon and Shopify. Now, let's look at the costs and pricing. I see that they are on the average side, with their shirt costing roughly $15.99, which I think is appropriate given that they offer free shipping. Regarding the reviews, given the conflicting feedback, they were able to collect 2.7 on the Shopify app store, which we believe is a reasonable grade. Based on this, I feel this platform is worth a try, and you should absolutely consider whether it can help you reach your company goals.

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