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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 2.7 מתוך 5

Featuring a product catalog of over 200 customizable items – apparel, wall art and accessories among others – CustomCat, located in Detroit is a Print-on-Demand (POD) provider. The platform having a 2.7 star rating from 9 reviews from Trustpilot provides numerous functionalities to users looking for customized products.

CustomCat strength lies in the wide selection of products, numbering up to 200 items form apparels extending to wall art and accessories tat can be customized. This flexibility ensures ample appeal for diverse customer tastes. But this may affect user-friendliness, as the functions of the website are scattered and would be challenging if you are a beginner. However, CustomCat’s commitment to user convenience is evident because MOQ does not exist as you can test product quality without committing.

In terms of personalization opportunities presented, CustomCat provides a variety of customizable products that you can freely order by imprinting your individual touch on it. Nevertheless, it is important to mention some limitations in the degree of customization especially within design tool’s access to an outside image library. In terms of branding, CustomCat offers the possibility to choose private or branded packaging, and this opens up opportunities for presenting the special character of your brand. You should also take into consideration that its various functionality elements may lead to possible complexity which is even more visible if you are a beginner and therefore may affect your order process.

The ease of using its products and their various uses serve to increase the importance of CustomCat in the POD industry. Although it provides a significant level of customization and branding on the website, scattered functionalities may be considered an issue, especially for newcomers to the print-on-demand business. Before actually investing in this platform, there are other aspects you need to keep in your mind and compare them with their special requirements.

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