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CustomCat, a Print-on-Demand (POD) supplier based in Detroit, offers a product selection of over 200 customisable goods, including clothes, wall art, and accessories. It offers a variety of features to users looking for customized products. This adaptability guarantees that a wide range of customer preferences are satisfied. However, this may have an impact on usability because the website's functionalities are dispersed and difficult to use if you are a newbie. Nevertheless, CustomCat's commitment to consumer convenience is clear because there is no minimum order quantity, allowing you to test product quality before making a commitment.

In terms of customizing features, CustomCat offers a wide range of customized products that you may freely order by stamping your unique touch on them. Nonetheless, it is vital to note some restrictions in the level of customisation, particularly in the design tool's access to an external picture collection. This is especially noticeable if you are a newbie and may impair your order procedure.

CustomCat's products' versatility contribute to their relevance in the POD market. Although it offers a significant level of customisation and branding on the website, the scattered functionalities may be a concern, particularly for newbies to the print-on-demand industry. Before you buy in this platform, you need consider several additional factors and compare them to their specific requirements.

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