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Contrado, based in the UK, is a one-stop Print on Demand shop handling every aspect of production for your products. They offer a wide range of items including household goods, apparel, luggage, and accessories. Notably, they provide customization options allowing you to choose fabrics and printing types. They prioritize quality, conducting tests to ensure durability and safety, making their products reliable choices.

Their design tool is one of the features that has piqued my interest as I try out their many capabilities. It includes all of the necessary tools and settings, making it simple and straightforward to use. You can choose the fabric type, size, color, thread color, and label you want to add to the cloth. It's a fantastic option that allows you to add a feature without having to browse through multiple sections. Everything about branding is adapted to your specific needs, from personalized boxes to product labels. Even if these traits appear to be advantageous, there is an unavoidable disadvantage.

Their basic T-shirt costs $38.95, making their products on the pricier side. Unlike other POD providers, this limits your potential to generate a large profit margin. This platform works great if your items are more personal than business-related, unless you want to take your products or branding in a new way. Contrado is without a doubt an excellent service for many customers, as proven by the feedback posted by other platform users. They describe it as "effective, efficient, and amazing," giving them a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot, which is higher than average for a POD platform.

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