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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 4.5 מתוך 5

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Contrado, a UK based Print on Demand company is a one stop production facility wherein they take care of all the processes for your product. They offer a wide range of products like any other POD such as home products, clothing, bags and accessories. One thing that stands out to them is that they go beyond just printing, you can choose what fabric types and what fabric printing for your products. In terms of the quality of these fabrics, they have mentioned on their website that they undergo different tests to demonstrate their “high quality items”. It is “Fire Rated Tests” which means their fabrics can be used for window dressings, and it also underwent “Color fastness and Abrasion test” which means the quality doesn’t degrade easily.

As I’m trying to test their different features, one thing that caught my attention is their design tool. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, what I like about it is that it has all your needed features and options. You can choose what type of fabric, sizing, color, thread color and label that you wanted to include for the fabric. It’s a commendable feature, since you don't have to go to different sections just to add a certain feature. Talking about their branding, it definitely all has your needs from custom boxes to adding labels for your products. However, as good as these features may sound, it has, of course, a downside.

Their products are on the expensive side, their regular T-shirt costs $38.95. This doesn’t allow you to have a great profit margin, unlike other POD providers. Unless you want to take your products on a different side, this platform is best if it’s more of a personal rather than business venture. Putting the reviews of other uses of the platform, Contrado is definitely a great service for many of the users, they find it “effective, efficient and amazing” earning them 4.5 rating on Trustpilot, a higher than usual rating for a POD platform.


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