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CJ Dropshipping is a Print-on-Demand (POD) company based in China that is well-known worldwide, including Germany, France, the United States and etc. CJ Dropshipping is famous for one crucial feature: a huge product library including over 400,000 products across multiple categories. It's also one of the popular POD platform among the e-commerce business owners alongside Aliexpress and Alibaba. 

This platform excels in adaptability, enabling customizable products beyond print-on-demand and including packaging. CJ Dropshipping also allows you to imprint your brand name on product packaging, which helps you improve your brand image by demonstrating originality. One of the most obvious advantages is cost savings, as CJ Dropshipping sources or purchases products from suppliers to reduce the overall cost of the users. However, new visitors may struggle with the site's complexity, necessitating additional exploration.

Although CJ Dropshipping offers a decent level of customization, it should be noted that the customization tool may not be as user-friendly or easy as some competitors; thus, if you are new to the POD business, this may appear to be quite overwhelming. Positive Trustpilot evaluations frequently mention specific customer service workers, which is a good thing. Nonetheless, customer support isn't the only thing we need, it's also important to know the quality of their products. As I've an experience with CJ Dropshipping, their pricing was great, decent time shipping on international countries. However, their quality wasn't that good. But it's quite understandable since they have pretty low pricing. 

If you are looking into a large-inventory platform, with low costings - this might be for you. 

However, if the quality of the product is a 100% essential for you - it might be good to look into other platforms.

Let us know your experience!

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