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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 4.2 מתוך 5

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Art of Where

Art of Where, a Print on Demand production based on Canada, aims to transform your artworks onto high quality print products. They offer various product lines that include the usual; apparel, home and living, leggings, silk scarves, shirts, handbags, etc. Now let’s go ahead and talk about the quality of these products that they are offering. As I gather the reviews of the users or buyers from this platform, I can say that they are pretty happy and satisfied about it. They were able to achieve their aim to deliver high quality products through their prints. They said that they are impressed with the quality and comfort of the garments. However, do these great reviews and features stick around ‘till the end? Let’s see.

As I scroll through their website, I love how their UI is responsive, and also creatively done. This makes it easy for beginners on the POD platform to navigate and use the website. Now, let’s go to the very important bits. They do have different printing techniques, and it also, of course, depends on the design that you want to put on the product. What’s great about it, is that if you have further questions on the quality of the print regarding your design, they have FAQ section which can help you assist with your concerns. If we’re going to talk about the customization, they definitely have it. They have their own mockup design tool, in which you can easily input your design to their products. And it doesn’t stop there, they also offer packaging and branding; customized labels, artists cards, stickers. Definitely perfect if you’d love to personalized and also market your own brand.

This POD, Art of Where, definitely has been checking the lists! (if ever you have one) But there’s still some more. Let’s talk about their pricing. Their starting for regular tees is at $12.50. Now if you’re going to compare it to different POD platforms, it’s on the expensive side. And if we’re talking about the profit, we’ll have a lower profit margin. I know you might be torn right now, but it’s important that you weigh the pros and cons of Art of Where to the other platform. If it’s going to help, we suggest for you to check out their profile on Trustpilot and see the reviews of the users of their platform. 


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