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הדירוג הממוצא הוא 3.7 מתוך 5

AOP+, a POD company based in London, has received 3.7 of stars out of 80 reviews. Dedicated to clothes and fabric production, the platform has 140+ branded items and spans locations in London, the USA, and EU providing a worldwide audience for their users.

AOP+ strategizes on simplicity with a great website design whereby you are able to navigate easily and access its wide variety of 140+ branded products effortlessly. The platform supports customer service, that is, it features a 24-hour support team to help you if ever you encountered an issue. Also, AOP+ provides personal branding and is unique in that it does not require any upfront fees.

Despite the benefits that AOP+ has, users have expressed complains regarding customer service help. Several reviews point out problems with the service provided, meaning that despite the quality of products being high, in terms of a customer’s service experience it does not meet expectations. The website of the platform has received both positive and negative reviews. Though some users like its simplicity and ease of use, others say it is not self-evident which are also supported by many buttons that may spoil your experience. The complex nature of this could also potentially affect the functioning of the website, even while causing a sense of confusion to you.

Finally, AOP+ is a London-operated global POD company selling 140+ branded products in clothes and fabrics. The 3.7 rating of the platform is representative of both positive points, such as easy-to-use website and around-the clock support provided, and opportunities for improvement especially in customer service and simplicity on design that represents the site. Addressing user concerns regarding customer service and website functionality would be focused on enhancing the overall quality of services provided while also improving rating given to the platform.

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