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Nice to meet you !

Greetings, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Liora Goren, an enthusiastic Etsy seller with a wealth of expertise spanning the realms of sales, shop management, and strategic marketing. My journey in the vibrant world of Etsy has extended over a fruitful five-year period, during which I've acquired a profound understanding of its intricacies and dynamics.

My specialization lies in the captivating domain of print-on-demand, where my proficiency has earned me recognition as a trusted authority.


Having honed my skills and insights through dedicated years on Etsy, I am primed to offer tailored consulting services that cater to the unique demands of both Etsy enthusiasts and those seeking guidance in the Print On Demand arena.


With an innate passion for helping others succeed, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and empowering fellow entrepreneurs to thrive in these ever-evolving landscapes.

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